Make and manage price offers
Make and manage orders
Easily change offer to order
Margins adjustable (as administrator)
Documents in your own company style
Offers and orders in PDF format
Export to Microsoft Excel
Easy and fast filtering / searching
Delivery / payment conditions adjustable
Add and manage customers easily
Set discount per customer per product
Set visibility per customer per product
Always insight into the latest status
Overview of latest offers
Optimized for display on television
Customer login available
You manage login details
Set discount per product and customer
Multilingual available
Portal in your colors and logo
Total offers / orders per customer
Success ratio offer to order
Per day / week / custom period
World map
Overview of all customers on a world map
Nice visual display
Customers selectable on map
Create unlimited products
Create unlimited options
Categorize in product categories
Product text in paragraphs or columns
Add options flexibly to products
Sorting functionality for products / options
Adjustable installation drawing
Adjustable product image
Prices from price matrix
Option prices from a fixed price
Option prices as percentage of product price
Automatic calculation m2, width and height
100% web based (in the cloud)
Optimized for mobile / tablet